Harvey County Special Olympics

The Athlete Oath:
"Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt."


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Harvey County Wildcats

Volunteer Opportunties

We have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. If there is something not on the listed that you are interested, please contact us. We would love you to help us!
Thank you for considering to help us.
Sponsor an athlete:
Basketball Fee: 85.00
Swimming Fee: 25.00
Track Fee: 25.00
Soccer Fee:25.00
Bowling Fee: 20.00

Snacks-Ganola bars, snack cracker fruit (apples, oranges, and grapes)
Bottles of water or gatorade
small bottles /cans of pop
Donate money to buy equipment
Make posters (Go Wildcats)
Help with fundraising
Provide sack lunches
Lifeguard at swim practices 
Help Coach (need to complete Class A volunteer form) 
Bingo Prizes for the Athletes

Need a Certified Life Guard for swim practices on the weekends Starting in April.

To help with any of these opportunities e-mail us at hcso@scbglobal.net

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Youth Volunteer

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